This is a video recording of a talk about the Modern Alt-Az mount held at The Practical Astronomy Show in March 2019. Actually the recording was made a few weeks later when I repeated the talk at The Astronomical Society of Copenhagen. Unfortunately the video quality is not perfect but I hope it can be useful anyway.

The video is rather long so here are the timing if you want to jump to certain sections:

  • Introduction
  • My Journey into amateur astronomy (01:24)
  • Comparison of Polar aligned and Alt-Az Mounts (05:05)
  • Summing up the Comparison (19:12)
  • Alt-Az short exposure Astrophotography (20:39)
  • Alt-Az long exposure Astrophotography (30:41)
  • Summing up (38:30)

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Niels Haagh, owner of Track The Stars

The TTS-160 Panther Telescope Mount