Telescope Eyepieces

The winter sky with the many gas nebulas has disappeared in the western twilight. In an earlier post – Fast Deep Sky Imaging – I described how these large objects could be imaged with fast optical systems with limited focal length and large field of view. In springtime our view points away from the milky way arms and we get a free look to myriads of distant galaxies. Observing and imaging galaxies is a quite different matter as you can read in this post. Galaxies and dark sky For most unskilled visual observers Galaxies are faint hazy spots. If you try to observe galaxies from a light polluted place and don’t give you the time it takes to learn to really see these faint objects – all you will see [...]

Below is the slides from a presentation I have held several times at different Starparties. The presentation gives a basic introduction to eyepieces and how to select the right ones for your telescope.

TTS-160 Panther Mount